Our Consignment Policies

You’ll have a positive, fun and rewarding shopping experience when you visit Repeat Boutique!  We accept contemporary, in style and vintage clothing and accessories. Fine jewelry, estate, antique and costume jewelry. Home decorating items both new and retro. We also consign small furniture, lamps, collectibles and curious goods. We’re always open-minded to whatever else you might need to sell, just ask!

We take great pride in our stores, so in order to make the most of our limited space, and to ensure our continued quality, we carefully select items we think will sell in the 90-day consignment term. So, please do not be offended if some of your items are not accepted for consignment. To ensure the best return, be sure to prepare your items carefully before coming in. They need to be “in season”, in style or retro, and in very good condition. Make sure they are fresh by cleaning, pressing and inspecting for spots, holes etc. Please bring clothing in on hangers (we will give your hangers back). And, any accessories or home décor can be brought in a box or bag. Hold your item limit to 15 per household, per week so that we may process everyone in a timely manner. And, do allow some time when dropping off consignments so you can relax and enjoy our stores while we give you the full consignment service treatment!!!

Once you have set up an account, our expert staff will use their merchandising know-how to sell your goods. We will have your items onto the floor within 24 to 48 hours, and usually get most items sold within the first 90-day term. You will receive 40% of the selling price, and can collect your money either 1) At the end of your 90-day term. 2) When you have accrued $20.00 or more. Or, 3) When all your items have sold. In addition, you may trade any money from your account toward a purchase at any time, on any day! Keep in mind that checks are written on regular consignment days; (Mon-Tues-Wed. 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM). Or, by making special arrangements. So, review the contract you sign when opening your account & don’t be afraid to ask questions! We’re here to help you!!

Because we are a locally owned small business, we have high standards. Friendly service is our goal, as well as maintaining our belief that resale goods should be affordable!!!! So, come check us out, either for buying or selling. We think you will enjoy! Take a look at the consignment policies of Repeat Boutique in Fort Collins, CO for fine jewelry and various home decoration items.

** It is always advised that you call ahead before bringing in your items.

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Earn cash now when you have us sell your items! Call 970-493-1039 for details. Do you have any questions about our consignments? Talk to us. Do you need antique items for your home? We have a large collection of antiques..